Most affordable lipsticks available in India

Hey guys! Today I wanted to make a post on the most affordable lipsticks that are available in India. This will be a beginner’s guide to getting their first lipsticks. While there are a lot of different lipsticks these days for under 300 INR, I wanted to stick to good quality lipsticks and the ones that I would use myself. Hence the lipsticks I’m recommending are between 275 INR to 500 INR. Now lets move on to the lipstick recommendations.. shall we??

1.Faces Go chic Lipsticks: (275 INR)

These lipsticks really surprise me. I never really thought something this cheap would work this well! I’m really surprised, these are great! They come in a very basic plastic packaging in black with the shade name written at the bottom. The shade range is good and formula is creamy and comfortable, it glides on the lips. The pigmentation is not too great though, if you have pigmented lips you will have to go couple of times on your lips to build the color. I’m still not complaining, because these are amazing for the price. They are available is a lot of different shades. The one in the above swatch is such a pretty shade, it’s a shade called Rock solid. It is such a beautiful rosy red with sheer to medium coverage. I absolutely love this shade. This shade will complement all skintones, from fair to deep. First time lipstick buyers will love this shade on them! I highly recommend these lipsticks!

2. Maybelline Colorshow lipsticks : (299 INR)

This was one of my first lipsticks and Im sure this will be a staple in many makeup kits. These lipsticks retail for 299 INR, they are so affordable and is of good quality. They have a very simple black packaging with colored bands in the middle corresponding to their colour family. The pinks have pink bands like the one in the picture and likewise there are reds, plums and browns. These lipsticks are available in a lot of different shades, should be more than 30 shades atleast. The pigmentation of these lipsticks are great. The formula of these are creamy and doesn’t pull or tug lips. They are not too longlasting, you may get around 4 hours which is decent considering the price. They may bleed a little which can be fixed by using a lip pencil. The shade range is amazing and the formula is comfortable on the lips. What more do we need for that price?! these are amazing! My shade recommendations would be choco-latte, midnight pink, violet fusion & fuchsia fantasy (swatch in above picture). These shades will suit all skintones. These will look beautiful on deeper complexions too. Maybelline has launched these lipsticks in a matte version as well, which has 12 to 15 shades and they retail for 325 INR. If you are a lover of matte finishes, do check them out too.

3. Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks: (325 INR)


These were one of my first matte lipsticks I would say. They have a great shade range and a very practical packaging, nothing fancy. The lipstick is packed in a silver case with a transparent cap which shuts with a click. The bottom of the lipsticks are colour coded with the name of the lipstick on it hence its easy to locate them if you have more than one of them. The formula is quite dry on the bullet so its better to prep your lips with a balm beforehand if you have dry lips for easy application. But on the lips it leaves a semi matte finish and not completely matte so its not so drying and its quite comfortable. These lipsticks are highly pigmented and intense, one swipe would give opaque color which is great. Because of the texture, these last really long on the lips. They are available in 25 shades or even more with a lot of beautiful pinks, peaches, corals, reds and nudes. So there’s definitely one for everyone. I highly recommend these. The shades Bare and Over the top are their best selling shades. I recommend the shades Brick o la and Pretty please (which is my favourite and I haven’t found a dupe for it yet). Below are the swatches. Do grab them with both hands!

4. Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks: (375 INR)


These are probably one of the most bought Maybelline product in my opinion. They retail for Rs.375 and they come in at least 25 shades. These lipsticks are all of great quality. The packaging as you can see is the traditional silver bullet with a colored cap. The caps are color coded according to the color family of the lipstick and the bottom of the lipstick has the name of the shade. There are a variety of browns, reds, pinks and plums. These lipsticks are nicely pigmented and the formula is so creamy. The application is so easy and they feel very comfortable on the lips. They are quite hydrating so the lasting power is less. You can get about 4 hours if you don’t eat or drink. I don’t mind reapplying these as they are so comfortable on the lips and does not dry them out. The brighter colors leave a nice tint even after fading. Maybelline has also launched a matte version of these lipsticks called powder mattes which retail for Rs.500. If your particular about matte finish, check them out too. I highly recommend these lipsticks, you will definitely find at least one color from this range that flatters your complexion! I have 6 shades from this range from reds to pinks, plum and brown. Out of these, my favourites are Glamourous red (muted pink red) and Hooked on pink (dusty pink)  – these are great everyday shades for all skintones (fair to deep) & Crazy for Coffee is a great nude for fair to medium skintones.


5. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipsticks: (479 INR)

I never really had a good opinion about Avon as a brand. But this particular lipstick surprised me, its their True Colour Matte lipsticks. Omg! these are amazing. First of all, I totally love their packaging. The lipstick comes in a glossy black packaging which is sturdy. A matte black band runs across it, with the brand name written on it. There is shade name given at the bottom of the lipstick. Coming to the formula, these are super soft and creamy (not the crumbly soft kinds). They glide on easily and feels so velvety on the lips. The pigmentation is great, one swipe gives ample colour. These are so comfortable on the lips and never dried them out. I totally adore these, I might pick up a few brights from this range. These lipsticks do not come in varied colours, this is the only subtle shade in the range. The rest are fuchsia, reds and plums. I highly recommend this particular shade which is called Mauve Matters. It is a rosy pink with mauve undertones. Such a pretty shade, this will suit all skintones. Do check them out!

6. Lakme 9 to 5 matte lipsticks: (480 INR)

These lipsticks are one of the best products in Lakme. The quality is great and the shade range is amazing! Initially, these were the ones which made me a fan of matte formulas. The formula is creamy hence application is easy. It dries to a comfortable matte finish which after a few hours starts drying out lips, so prepping lips with a lip balm is essential. The pigmentation is great, one swipe give opaque colour. They feel so lightweight and comfortable on the lips and are long lasting too. I love the shade range Lakme came up with this range. There is a good mix of all colours. I highly recommend the above colours Scarlett drill (rose brown) and  Pink Bureau (dusty pink). These are great everyday shades for all skintones. If you don’t prefer mattes, these lipsticks are available in cream finishes too. They are named as Creaseless Crème lipsticks which are priced almost the same as this one and has a good shade range, do check them out!

7. Maybelline Lip Gradation Lipsticks: (500 INR)

These lipsticks from Maybelline come with a sponge to create an ombre or gradient effect but I’ve never really used it. That apart, the formula of these are super creamy and pigmented. Check out the above swatch, you get that intensity in just one swipe. You can wear it just as a tint if you want to tone it down. They are so comfortable on the lips and application is easy too. The shade range is disappointing though, there are a couple of reds, pinks and a mauve and coral. But these are of great quality are they are long lasting too. I highly recommend you give this a try if you find a colour that you like from this range. This above shade is Coral 1 which is a pure coral with neon tint. This will flatter fair to medium skintones and will wash out deeper skintones. I would recommend pink2 and the reds from this range for deeper complexions.

So there ends the compilation. The above lipsticks are my favorites and I wouldn’t be recommending something which I will not be using or something which I don’t personally like just for the sake of compiling. Though there are a lot others in this price range, I find that these are of great quality compared to the others and hence I’m recommending them to you. Hope this post helped you in picking “that one perfect lipstick” for you!! Bye 🙂




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