NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review (Syracuse)

Hey guys!! I’m here today with a review of one of the most raved products in the beauty industry, the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. Read on to know how this foundation fared for me.


What does the brand say about the foundation?

Full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough formula builds and blends effortlessly with just one drop—the result of exclusive innovation uniquely designed to deliver long-wearing full coverage, weightlessly. Shake, pump and blend in sections for complete coverage that’s completely natural looking.

Weightless Long-wear Technology delivers up to 16 hours of wear, while always feeling light-as-air. Featuring advanced flexible polymers and first-to-market treated pigments.

  • Advanced flexible polymers move with the skin, providing extraordinary breathability and comfort.
  • First-to-market treated pigments weightlessly deliver long-wearing, complete coverage without ever masking for perfected, natural-looking skin.
  • Streamlined packaging with easy-lift cap.

Even Tone Technology is designed to instantly neutralize redness and dullness, while working long-term to reduce the appearance of discoloration for more even, uniform skin.

  • Gold and green pigments in a perfect 4-to1 ratio optically manipulate how light reflects off skin’s surface, evening the complexion for instant luminosity. Green pigments negate redness on contact, while gold combats dullness.
  • Scarlet Spiderling Root Extract helps reduce the appearance of discoloration and reveal brighter, more even skin over time.



The foundation comes in a rectangular frosted glass bottle which looks so luxurious and is packed in a typical NARS black cover with the brand name written on it. It comes with a pump which works brilliantly. Because it dispenses the right amount of product in a single pump, which is not too much or too less. It comes with a matte rubberized cap which is prone to getting dirty and it badly attracts fingerprints. This is the only drawback of the packaging. Other than that, I totally love the packaging!! Such a gorgeous frosted bottle which oomphs luxury!

Shade & Swatches:


The name of the shade is Syracuse. This shade will suit skin tones between NC42 to NC44. This is such a perfect match for my skin tone as it is not too yellow or too orange. I would say it is a shade with neutral undertones. NARS website describes this shade as Medium Dark 1 with brown undertones.


My take on the product:

I have used this foundation for quite sometime now to give my detailed opinion and thoughts about it. This foundation is highly pigmented. As the brand says, one pump is ideal to cover your face if you do not have too many problem areas, such is the pigmentation of this foundation. It effortlessly covers redness and scars really well. It has medium to buildable coverage. 2 pumps of the foundation will give you full coverage. The formula of the foundation is watery and you can actually see it settling on top. So every time you use it, you will have to shake the bottle to mix all of the ingredients together before you pump out the product. I prefer applying this with a buffing brush because a beauty sponge may soak up the product as it is watery. That being said, it applies so beautifully with a sponge too and the finish is stunning. So it performs well with both a brush and a sponge. The foundation blends well and sinks into your skin and becomes matte and gives a unique finish.

The formula as the brand claims, is so lightweight on the skin, it doesn’t feel heavy even when layered for full coverage. This foundation gives you an amazing finish, it has a velvety satiny matte finish with a sheen to it (it is really hard to describe it I’m telling you….). This is one foundation which gives you that “glow from within” or “lit from within” look. It is not the greasy or oily look but it has a very beautiful luminosity to it and it photographs so well. This foundation does not oxidise or get darker. Coming to the longevity of the foundation, the brand claims 16 hours of wear time but I would say it comes with certain exceptions or it has some limitations. This foundation is not something that you can wear if you are going to be doing a lot of work or if your in very humid climatic conditions or you know your going to be sweating a lot. This is long wearing if you are indoors or in an air conditioned environment, this is the one to go for if your going to be photographed a lot. I do get shiny or oily on my t zone after a few hours of wear when I’m in humid conditions, but when I’m indoors and if air conditioned, the foundation stays fresh throughout the day till I remove it. The finish this product gives is something I have not seen in any other foundation. I totally love this foundation and I have already finished 1/3rd of the bottle but I’m trying to save it up for special occasions as it comes with a price tag of a whopping $49 for 30ml of product! It is totally worth it for the quality this product offers, the packaging, for the finish it gives and for the amazing pigmentation it has. You will hardly need 1 or 2 pumps each time and it will last you a long time. I love the consistency of the foundation which feels so lightweight on the skin. All of it that the product claims is true and it is rightly named as All day luminous weightless foundation, which it definitely is!! And who will not want some amazing pictures!! 😉 Do you own this foundation.. let me know your thoughts on it!

I will be back with another review.. till then.. keep smiling and stay beautiful!! 🙂





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