Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara Review

Hey guys!! How have you all been.. I know I’ve been missing in action for sometime… I was busy with a few things and I’m back now with a review of one of the recently launched mascara from Tarte. It’s the Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara.. (I know that’s a cringe worthy name!) 😬


I have never really wanted to invest in a high end mascara because mascaras have less shelf life and drug store options are cost effective. So I’ve always gone for Rimmel, L’oreal and Maybelline mascaras. And then I saw Tati raving on her YouTube channel about this mascara and I was completely sold on her demo.. so I finally grabbed this one!


The mascara comes in a beautiful gold metal packaging with leopard print on it.. it’s so so beautiful!! The gold and leopard print is a killer combo. I couldn’t take my eyes off it when I got it.. it is so pretty.. 😘 The tube is very sturdy and huge! It will actually last you a long time.. The wand is huge too but it is super easy to use even on the lower lashes.


The formula is not thin nor thick, it is just perfect. And the wand makes it super easy to coat all the lashes evenly. I’m someone with very sparse lashes. Only when I apply a mascara, my eyes look awake and open. But this mascara makes it look like I’m wearing Falsies. It elongates my lashes and makes my lashes look fuller. It separates lashes really well and holds up curl without even using an eyelash curler. It does not make my lashes clumpy.. it separates them, elongates and adds volume. It holds up curl like no other and the effect stays throughout the day!! (I’m surprised!!)


The formula of the mascara is water proof and it is really long wearing. It will not move until you take it off. But it takes a few minutes to dry so you might want to wait till it completely dries for it to become budgeproof. If your someone who always wear falsies, you can give this one a try as you can give your false eyelashes a break once in a while! When I can see such a big difference in my sparse lashes, if your someone with already good lashes, it will definitely give you the effect of false eyelashes. It gives you that perfect dramatic lashes and it is water proof what more do we need from a mascara. Hence that cringe worthy name of the mascara is totally justified and it is named that for a reason. 😉 I’m in love with this new mascara. 😍 And I know I was totally wrong about high end mascaras. I see myself reaching out to this everytime as it’s so easy to use and gives that effect without even curling my lashes! Love love love this one!! The mascara has 9ml of product and they are priced at $23. Have you tried this mascara.. do let me know your thoughts on it.. Bye for now! 😘


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