Nivea After Shave Balm – Is it the cheapest primer ever?!😮

Hey guys!! Today’s post is going to be “YouTube made me buy it” post. Some of you would know about it or would have already tried it. This product gained popularity after Nikki tutorials raved about it in her YouTube channel on how she uses this product as a moisturiser/primer. I think since then women started buying this after shave balm more than men 😂. So is it the cheapest primer ever..? let’s find out!!

IMG_20170511_135844I was taking a stroll in my local store and I spotted this, since it was only 245 INR, I thought I ll try it and see if it’s worth all the hype.


It comes in a solid glass bottle which is white and opaque. It is so so heavy!! I mean really heavy..(if you throw it, you can break someone’s head 😋 or if you accidentally drop it on your feet, you are sure to get hurt!). I wouldn’t recommend this for travel. It is too bulky and heavy. However the product looks nice!



The product has a lotion like consistency which is white in color. It spreads easily and sinks into the skin really fast.



The product has to be poured out of the bottle. As it does not have a stopper, you have to be careful with it while pouring. The lotion like consistency is great as it spreads easily on the skin and skin drinks it up really quick! I have to talk about the smell of this product as it puts me off a bit. I usually like these find of scents (typical scent of men’s products), but this one has a very strong fragrance, too strong for my liking.

I just love how this product feels on my skin. It immediately plumps up my skin, smoothens and brightens it up (Can you believe it!😮). I had absolutely no expectations from this product when I bought it, but the results just blew me away! It is so hydrating on the skin and it is a great moisturiser. I’m shocked at its performance because only a few creams that I use actually plumps your skin, but this one does that at this price! (Amazing!!!) It also adds a bit of glow to the skin.😘

Makeup glides on very easily as your skin is well hydrated and plumped. I’m not sure if it fills pores, since I do not have very evident pores I’m unable to test it out. Coming to makeup longeivity, you can get about 4 to 5 hours with this one not more than that. And also I wouldn’t recommend this for people with oily skin as it is quite moisturising for a lotion (I’m surprised!). And skin tends to get greasy in about three to four hours. But I’m still not complaining because it does more than what I expected out of it at this price point! I have to mention that I got the cooling version of the product since the normal one was not available and I usually don’t like the cooling menthol sensation of it. So if your buying one, get the one in the below picture.

images (82)

I’m in love with my latest cost effective discovery!! The product works amazing! Im really surprised at how it plumps and brightens my skin, my skin really glows when I use it. Skin feels moisturised and foundation blends in so well. You can also wear this under your primer if you have very large pores or if you want to extend the wear time of your makeup. If your going somewhere for 3 to 4 hours, you can definitely wear this one, don’t expect more from it. This product works as one of those moisturising primers without the silicones in it and I love it for that!  Can’t recommend it enough! This is a must buy! It is pocket friendly so you can definitely try it out and see if it works for your skin!

And yes.. I’m happy to report that it is the cheapest primer ever and it is worth all that hype!! 😘


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