Makeup Revolution Pro fix Makeup Fixing Spray Review



The product came with a thin plastic film around it, it did not come in a cardboard packaging. It has a cap for the spray nozzle. The packaging is very simple, nothing fancy here. I felt that it could have been a little better for the price. Anyways I like the black and gold detailing on the white bottle. The bottle is too flimsy, but it’s travel friendly.

Directions for use:

Close eyes, hold 20 -25cm from face and spray.




When I first ordered this, I had almost zero expectations on this product and the same goes when I received this as it was not very appealing to me.. Because I never thought that a makeup setting spray would make such a big difference in our makeup. But I was wrong, I was a blown away at its performance. The true test came when I wore makeup for long hours recently. And I’m happy to report that my makeup did not budge or get oily for 9 hours.. mind blowing ain’t it..?! This little thing really works..!! I usually get oily after the 5 hour mark, I get cakey around my nose all the time. That didn’t happen with this for about 8 hours and after 8, I was getting a bit oily but not too much at all. Then the foundation slowly faded off. This may be because I have combination skin. And I guess people with normal skin or dry skin will definitely get 10+ hours of wear time with this. And people with oily skin can get around 6 to 7 hours which is really great in my opinion. Overall, I’m really impressed with this product. I have used only prepping sprays before because, the feeling of spraying something on my face after makeup was a little scary for me although it is a nice feeling. You have to keep the spray a few cms away from your face as it can get a little splotchy if you don’t, but it is a fine mist. I must also say that this spray has a kind of chemical smell to it, which is really weird. It makes me think if I should really spray this on my face.. nevermind. I can get away with anything for the quality of this spray. It really keeps makeup fresh for a long time. And I’m not getting cakey after a few hours, which is great. Also note I did not blot my face even once all the 8 hours and this is coming from the place I live in where it’s always above 35°C. Do you really need anything more from a setting spray. Can’t recommend enough.. you need this in your vanity if you want your makeup to be long lasting! This is such a great addition to my collection. This setting spray retails for 1000 INR for 100ml. I think for the quality you get it’s really worth it..! I have tried this brand before and I know the quality they provide at an affordable price and this is way beyond everything. Kudos to Makeup Revolution for coming up with such an awesome product!

Will be coming up with reviews of more such amazing products. Till then.. take care 😘


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