Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer Review

Hey guys!!💁 Hope you all had a great weekend.😀 Weekends are always too quick isn’t it.. So I’m here today with another review. Let’s move on to today’s post..

Now who doesn’t like a Photoready face.. 😘 The words “photoready” and “photofinish” are always attractive. These companies know for sure how to name products to grab our attention. Today I’m going to be reviewing one such product, it’s the Photo ready perfecting primer from Revlon.


What does the brand say about the product?

Try Revlon PhotoReady™ Perfecting Primer to soften skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, smooth skin texture, and tone. Our award-winning, lightweight primer smoothes and softens skin to create a perfect canvas.

  • Photo chromatic pigments bend, reflect, and diffuse light to minimize flaws
  • Reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines
  • Even out skin’s texture

My take on the product:


The primer comes in a solid clear glass bottle which comes with a black pump. The nozzle on the pump is really tiny but in one pump it dispenses enough product to cover your entire face. It also has a cap which shuts well but not upto my expectations, the cap should have been more tight for it to be travel friendly.


I wouldn’t prefer travelling with this bottle even though I’m always careful since the bottle is quite heavy not too heavy but it is solid. So I will not take chances as there are lot of chances of it breaking and the cap is not reliable too. I would rather transfer to a travel container if I have to carry it somewhere. I prefer a tube packaging always as it is sanitary and travel friendly too.


The consistency of the primer is like a lotion, hence it spreads well on the face. I prefer this consistency over the gel based primers. I like to use a little more than half a pump to cover my face. The primer is a very pale pink lotion but on smearing, it disappears into the skin and doesn’t leave a cast.

It takes a few seconds to sink into the skin. Once massaged onto the skin, you can instantly feel the difference on your skin which is amazing. It feels quite nourishing on the skin and it fills the pores and fine lines really well. And gives you a very smooth base for your foundation to glide on. I really love the finish this primer gives to the skin. It helps foundation last longer than usual. But I have also noticed that with this primer, you will have to be careful with the amount of product you use on your face. Apply only a small amount of it onto your face as it is quite nourishing. When I used a little more of the product, I started getting oily. So once you start using it, you will get a hang of how much primer you need for your face. This is a great product, it gives such a smooth face, covers pores and other imperfections quite well. Your skin feels really soft, I love how it feels. It also has some very fine micro illuminating particles in it which reflects light hence there is some radiance to it and it photographs well. You can feel that it creates a barrier between your skin and the foundation and I’m sure the long lasting foundations will not clog pores. It effectively controls oil and makeup stays oil free for atleast 6 to 7 hours which is great. This will definitely work for all skintypes. The primer is of great quality and this is a product worth trying. And as usual, the price is quite steep just like every Revlon product. You get 27ml for 1495 INR. I just wish there was a little more product for the price. This is a great product from Revlon, do check it out and let me know your thoughts!!😊



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