Maybelline Lip Gradation Review & Swatch


Maybelline Lip Gradation was launched as part of their Colorsensational range. This product caters to the latest trend of ombre lips which originated in Korea. Ombrè means shaded in French, it is a gradual blending of one colour to another from light to dark. This ombrè trend has gained popularity even in hair colouring, nail art, baking and in a lot other decorative items.

The original korean gradient lip look is to have maximum color intensity at the centre of the lip which gradually fades towards the edges. But people are now wearing it the other way round also, where they have the maximum colour at the edge which gradually fades towards the centre of the lips. Here’s a picture to tell you want the trend is all about.

images (81)


This product is a retractable lip crayon which comes with a sponge tip on the other end to create the gradient effect by smudging the colour. There are caps given for both the lip crayon and the sponge. The product is thinner than a lipstick and thicker than a lip pencil which makes it easier to place the colour precisely. The outer packaging feels very nice to hold as it has a matte finish. It looks very pretty!😍


Pigmentation and formula:

These lip crayons are super pigmented. The color payoff is great. It can easily cover pigmented lips. The formula is so creamy. People with dry lips are going to love this. This is so comfortable to wear and does not dry out your lips, but it might settle into fine lines over time. If you are applying a lip balm before make sure you completely remove it off before you apply this as it might slip off. These crayons do not need prepping i feel as they are so moisturising on the lips. It sets to a semi matte finish. It stays on for about 4 hours and you have to reapply after meals as they have a creamy consistency.



This shade coral1 is a bright coral colour with just a little hint of neon to it. This shade may look different on different skin tones. This will look lovely on fair to medium skintones or skintones upto nc42. It may wash out deeper complexions. This is a lovely shade for summers for that bright pop of colour.🍹🌻




Personally, I do not like this trend of ombrè lips but I love this product from Maybelline. If you do not like this trend and if you’re keeping the sponge tip unused, you can use it to smudge your eyeliner on your lower lashline. 😜😉 The quality of this product is great, formula is so creamy, just perfect for dry lips. The only downside I see is that it can get over soon because it is so creamy. You might also have to give very little pressure while applying this on your lips or else you might break the tip. There are 8 shades in this range from reds, pinks, orange and a mauve. However I would have loved to see more neutral colours. This shade is a lovely summer shade which would be perfect with whites. 😘 Another thing that I love about this product, is the packaging, which is too good for the price. Highly recommend. Do give these a try if you like any shade in this range.

Price: RS.500

Rating: 4.5/5

Ombrè lips picture courtesy: Pinterest


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