NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatches & Review

Heylloo ppl!! 😘 Today’s post is going to be a review of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in the shades San Paulo and Antwerp.



The product comes in a tube packaging which comes with a doe foot applicator. The packaging is very simple, the tube is of the colour of the product which is nice so that it’s easy to identify when you have too many of these. The top part is black which has a matte finish. The bottom of the product has the code and name of the product.



The consistency of the product is exactly as the product says, a lip cream. It feels so soft and so much like the texture of a mousse. The product is of a nice whipped cream consistency and is so lightweight on the lips.



San Paulo – This is by far my most favourite shade. It is a nice bright Rosy pink. It is not too bright and it is easily wearable .  It will suit almost all skintones. It will be flattering on deeper complexions too. The pigmentation of the color is great.

Antwerp – This is a coral pink shade with a bit of a neon tint. It is not too neon but a very wearable shade. This shade will be flattering for fair to medium skintones. This shade is also pigmented but not as pigmented as the other shade San Paulo. However this is a great shade too and will be able to cover pigmented lips.




Top – Antwerp ; Bottom – San paulo

Left – Antwerp ; Right – San Paulo ( same order in all the below pictures)



I really like these NYX lip creams. NYX products generally are of great quality and this one lives up to it. I totally love these and they are my go to lipcreams these days. These lipcreams are super pigmented, you can see it from the swatches. These are just perfect for pigmented lips as it covers them quite well. The lipcream has a very sweet vanilla scent, you will instantly feel like licking it.😛 But thankfully, it fades off after a few minutes of applying it. 😜 On application, the lip cream takes some time to set and once set, it stays on for about 5 to 6 hours after that it fades off. Be prepared for an uneven fading which will not look nice and you will have to reapply. Layering up this product can be patchy so apply only what is needed to cover your lips. It settles to a nice powdery satiny finish which looks very pretty. It can dry up your lips over time and settle into fine lines hence you will have to exfoliate and moisturise really well. However it is not super drying on the lips , it stays moist for sometime. If you apply a lip balm before applying this, make sure you take the lip balm off your lips completely before you apply this lip cream. As it will slip away very easily and creases around lips. Those are really negligible downsides. I really love this product, the quality is great and the pricing is great! So there’s literally nothing to complain. I’m already done with both these tubes 😋 and will be ordering these again very soon. 😉This product comes in a variety of 10 to 12 shades. But these two are my favourites but I might try the shade Prague as well. If you have never used a liquid lipstick before, you might as well start with this one. And you will start liking liquid lipsticks more than the normal lipsticks. 😉

Price: RS.600

Rating: 5/5


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