My Experience with Permanent Hair Straightening & Smoothening


Hey guys!! Hope your all doing well 🙂 I wanted to come up with a very different post today. And that’s when this struck my mind – “My Experience with Hair Straightening” (i.e.) my experience with continuous hair treatments and abuse of hair! (lol 😋) I have straightened my hair “6 times” in the last “8 years” (is that enough to consider as an “experience” 😜)So today I will be taking you through my hair straightening experience and all that you need to know about the process.

Lets all agree to the fact that some of us born with straight hair would want our hair curled and those of us with curly hair would love to have straight hair. I fall in the latter category. I’m someone with thick, curly, dry and frizzy hair. So now by my description you would have a fair idea of how that would have looked. It was a nightmare (Seriously!). It was such a pain to comb my hair as it would have a lot of knots. And it was so time consuming to get rid of them and to neatly comb my hair. I needed a solution very badly, and that was the time when the fad of “straightening hair” was gaining popularity.

I was looking for really good places for straightening my hair as I wanted to be very careful about my hair and I did not want it damaged (which is already damaged lol 😁) by inexperienced people. I narrowed down a nice salon in one of the city’s most posh areas based on reviews of a few.

Steps in Straightening process:


Zoom into your hair strand and imagine your curly hair being like a spiral case and straight hair being a ladder that is how your hair is, if you look through a microscope. So technically, all they are going to do is rearrange the bonds of hair to make it straight. The spiral case is going to become a ladder in simple terms! So that is the process of straightening all about.

They wash your hair first and blow dry it. A conditioner is not applied as they will use it towards the end. Next a relaxant is applied to your hair, for that they take smallest possible sections of hair and apply the relaxant using their hands (obviously with gloves as its very harmful). This is the key to making your hair straight by relaxing the bonds in  hair and it is done with utmost care. They have to leave the relaxant on till your hair has become straight. They will keep checking it often as leaving it on for longer can damage your hair. Once done, your hair is washed and dried again. Now they will use a flat iron to straighten your hair, to set the hair bonds to a straight pattern. This is a very important step to keep your hair straight permanently. So they take tiny sections of hair and straighten it with a flat iron. After that they will apply a neutralizer in a similar way as they did with the relaxant, this will seal the hair bonds to keep it straight permanently. After keeping it on for a while, your hair is washed and conditioned. And there you will see your tresses straightened and you will see a new “you”! It took me almost 6 hours to get my hair straightened the very first time (such was my hair!) and later it was just 3 to 4 hours. They will ask you to not wash your hair for three days because your hair bonds require that time to settle into their new pattern. And the salon where your getting it done with give you a free wash after 3 days.

There is only a tiny bit difference between Straightening & Smoothening. The above mentioned process is Smoothening. In Straightening, they iron your hair “twice”. So that is the only difference, in straightening they straighten your hair twice for the poker straight look, where as in smoothening they do it just once to keep it more natural looking.

Brands used:

I have always got my hair done in only high end places as I’m always worried about my hair getting damaged. So getting it done through experienced professionals is very important. The products that they use has to be really good, for your hair to be healthy in the long run. There are a lot of different hair straightening creams these days from various brands like L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Wella etc. So far, all the 6 times I have used either L’Oreal or Schwarzkopf only. Personally, I find Schwarzkopf a little better than L’Oreal. I’m saying this because I found that my hair looked very natural and the effect stayed much longer whenever I used Schwarzkopf. So if at all your getting it done please get it done at good places and be sure to know the brands they are using on your hair!

Do’s and Don’ts Before and After Straightening:

  • Don’t wash your hair before going for the procedure, as the salon will anyways wash your hair before they start the process and it will end up drying your hair badly.
  • Don’t tie your hair with a band or a clip for the first three days after straightening as this will spoil your hair.
  • Do make sure your hair does not get wet in the first three days.
  • Do not tuck your hair behind your ears (I had this habit !) during the three days, remember where I said “the bonds are getting settled”. This will tend to bend your hair and it may lose the pattern. So avoid doing that.
  • Do make sure you use good quality salon products on your hair after your first wash.

Maintaining hair after Straightening:


I have always taken good care of my hair all these eight years and that’s how I was able to do this procedure for 6 times. So please make sure you use a good shampoo that suits your hair type. If your hair looks very damaged and dry, use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for damage control. If its just looking dull and lifeless, use a smooth and shine formulation. If you find your hair getting dry after shampooing, always follow it up with a conditioner. And don’t forget to use some hair treatment or hair mask once a week to seal in moisture in your hair as a lot of chemicals have been used on it and it will lack moisture.

I always oil my hair before washing my hair. So using oil on your hair will not take away the effect, you need not worry about that. Always choose what suits your hair. A lot of people may endorse products, but end of the day only you will get to know what works best for you. One product which works on your friend might not work on you. So make sure you use the right products for your particular hair type. If you maintain your hair by doing all of the above I’m sure your hair will be as healthy as ever!

Side effects of Straightening:

Personally I have never felt any side effects. I have never had severe hair fall after straightening but I have heard from some people that they experienced severe hair fall. So there are chances and it may vary from person to person. Some say they get dizzy and nauseated during the process of straightening because of the strong chemicals used. But I never experienced any of that.


If you ask me, I would say it is safe. Because if we think logically, the chemicals are not touching your scalp and it is neither going into your roots. If that happens we will not be growing out original hair but only straight hair! lol 😂. So that is my point to prove that it is safe. But whatever said there are a lot of strong chemicals used in order to change the shape of your hair. So keep that in mind as well. Lets not go overboard with anything!

Would I do it again?

I don’t know, I’m still thinking! After doing it six times, my hair texture has changed a lot. It is much more manageable now than how it was before. So I’m just thinking of maintaining my original hair for now. But you never know when my mind changes! I may do it again, because straightened hair is so easy to manage, less time consuming too! Getting ready was such a breeze, I never had to worry about de-tangling my hair. On very hectic mornings, I have even stepped out of the house without even combing my hair. Such was the ease! 😉

So considering all of the above you can take a call on whether you want to get it done or not. There ends this post. Hope this post was helpful for you to decide on whether to do it or not! Please leave your comments about this post below and you can also post your questions below. Will be happy to help!

Stay beautiful!! 😊

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