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Chicco Baby Moments Talcum Powder

About the product:

It refreshes and protects your baby’s skin,making it dry and velvety soft. It allows the skin to breathe naturally, without clogging pores. No parabens. Dyes and alcohol free. Clinically tested on sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic (formulated to minimise the risk of skin allergies.)



Directions for use:

Sprinkle onto clean dry skin. Keep powder away from baby’s nose and mouth. Avoid contact with eyes.

My thoughts:

Another great product from Chicco. The texture of this Talcum powder is very different. (I’m really not sure how to explain this 🤔) When you dispense the powder it comes out a little grainy, it is not finely milled. When you smear it on baby’s skin it transforms to a velvety finish. (Cool isn’t?) I have used powders from J&J and Himalayas before.. and I find this one the best of all! I love the smell of this powder.. it is so mild and very babyish.. 😘 It doesn’t irritate skin and it doesn’t irritate baby’s nose. The fragrance of this powder is very soothing. It keeps baby’s skin velvety soft and fresh. I highly recommend this product!

Tip on how to apply powder on baby:

Please don’t use the traditional puff our mother’s and grandmother’s used on us. When you use a puff, there will be lot of flyaways from the puff and they will enter your baby’s nose everytime you use it on them. Never use them! Always sprinkle powder on your palms first, smear it and then apply onto your baby’s skin. There is a lot of difference! 😊

Price:RS. 150 for 150gms

Rating: 4/5


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