Is just makeup enough to make you look great?

The answer to that question is a big NO! You should understand the fact that makeup will only “enhance” your beauty. You will have to do some ground work for that “actual” beauty to happen! Keeping your skin young and healthy is what will keep you beautiful for longer! What you put inside your body is very important for you to get that inner glow and how you take care of your skin is important to keep it young and healthy. You need to have a skin care routine in place to get soft, supple and well hydrated skin.

What should you do?

  1. CTM Routine:

CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing. A CTM routine has to be followed twice a day for healthy and glowing skin.

  • Cleansing:


Always make sure you use a face wash to cleanse your skin as using a soap will dry your skin out in the long run. You will have to cleanse your skin both in the morning and night before you hit bed and whenever your in the need for it. Don’t go overboard in cleansing your skin, cleansing twice a day is ideal. If your someone using makeup, you should always remove your makeup using an oil or cleansing milk before you actually use you face wash or a cleanser, so that you don’t have clogged pores by any dirt, oil or makeup residue. Spend adequate time when you wash your face as it is an imperative step in the routine. Remember you are doing this to get rid of all the gunk from your skin. Massage your cleanser all over your face in circular motion concentrating more on the areas where you tend to get oily or you tend to breakout or you tend to get blackheads. Once done, Rinse it off and pat dry (meaning literally patting your skin dry and not rubbing it!) .

  • Toning:


Toning is done to bring out any leftover residue out of your skin. They help in shrinking your open pores. And hence toning is an important step in this routine too. Use any toner available in the market which if free from alcohol as it will make your skin dry. Rose water is great natural toner. Go for it! Take a cotton ball or a cotton pad, pour some toner on it and wipe your face with it. And your done with this step in your routine.

  • Moisturizing:


Moisturizing is important as the cleansed skin needs moisture to keep it hydrated and healthy looking. So apply any moisturizer of you choice, you get a lot of different moisturizers available in the market from light weight moisturizers to heavy creams. Once you have applied your moisturizer, you have sealed in the hydration in your skin which will give you a soft supple and younger looking skin.

Follow these steps religiously everyday and if you do, you are making an investment on your skin for the next 20 years to keep in youthful and glowing!! (LOL! :P)

 2. Exfoliation:


Exfoliation is an important skin care essential. Use a scrub to exfoliate your face at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and to give you a more clearer looking skin. Don’t use too much pressure whenever you scrub your face as it may damage your skin. And always choose a gentle scrub which does not have very harsh grains in it. You can use readymade scrubs available in the market or you can also go for natural homemade scrubs. Oats is known to be a great natural exfoliator.

3. Face packs:


Face packs can be your weekend ritual, for pampering your skin with all the goodness. You can go for readymade face packs or you can make your own face pack at home targeting your problems by using the right ingredients. There are face packs for skin brightening, for skin pigmentation, pore tightening, acne control, for dry skin and for oily skin. Choose whatever you feel your skin needs! Yogurt, honey and almonds make a great face pack for dry skin.

4. Diet:


I’m not going to be a dietician here, as I’m not the right person for it 😛 We all know what to eat and what not to eat! Remember that “inner glow” that I was talking about at the beginning of the post, Well! that starts right here!  Just try to inculcate some routine for the sake of good health and obviously good skin. Try to include more fruits and vegetables than you normally have. Strawberries, tomatoes, Sweet potatoes, Papaya, Almonds to name a few are great for skin.

5. Water:


Cant stress enough the importance of water for a well hydrated body and a well hydrated skin. Drink lots and lots of water! We will have to drink at 3 litres of water per day. Keep a bottle of water right next to you and keep sipping throughout the day. That way you get to drink more than what you usually have!

So these are the skin care basics or essentials for a brighter, younger looking, glowing skin. Start your CTM routine with at least once a day. The key is to be consistent in whatever you are doing and you will definitely see the change. You will be motivated to follow the regime more seriously, once you see the results. Keep your planning short and begin with whatever is available at hand!! And say hello to beautiful looking skin!! 🙂

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